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Spanish word meaning 'little heaven', established in 2003


 Be surprised by what Cielito has to offer you. Explore Argentine tango with Isolde Kanikani and her team. Discover the STUDIO Cielito. A space designed to be social allowing you to meet new people with a variety of fun activities and classes. Be entertained with a performance of Argentine tango by Compania Cielito. Search through our beautiful clothes selection with accessories and other dance related at Cielita Loca store, with items being added regularly. Or our other services designed around your individual needs. With years of experience in offering workshops and training to businesses why not combine entertainment and learning in a fun rememberable package leaving your clients and employees with the feeling of satisfaction in personal development.


For professional knowledge with a unique and intrinsic approach to learning, gaining satisfaction from self development, with a wonderful welcoming atmosphere and possibility to meet lots of new people. Ready to explore this beautiful dance from Argentina? Or discover more about one of the other possibilities mentioned above?

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or see below for a brief outline of Cielito's activities in Utrecht, Bristol & further afield. 

The latest additions to Cielito...

Cielito is the name given to our organization that is actually made up of many tiny projects shown here under one roof.  See below for a brief description of some of our latest projects.

MONDAY PRACTICA - Please note there is no practica at STUDIO Cielito on the 9th May, we continue as normal on the 16th May!

Performance walk searching for dance, theatre and music acts.

i have been asked to organize a performance walk as part of the Cultuurland festival in a beautiful Garden and theatre complex at Ederveen. The basics are to create a short performance piece to be performed 2nd July in Ederveen. This performance is somewhere between 3 - 10 minutes long and will be repeated twice during the afternoon. We are looking for pieces that are flexible with an outside space, working with the theme of sculptures that are physically present in the garden. It can be anything from theatre to dance and music. There is no payment for this performance so its best to consider this when thinking over this invitation. There will be 1-2 places with a floor for dancing on and the rest will be natural outside paths and woodland area.

If you would be interested to have more information, please send an email to info@cielito.nl and i can fill you in and answer any questions you might have. Deadline for answers in 5 may when i will be drawing up the final plan to submit to the festival.greetings Isolde kanikaniwww.cieltio.nl

New Argentijnse Tango classes starting in Utrecht


We have a new program of classes for beginners through to experienced level. Discover Argentijnse tango with Isolde and her team. Our main evenings for the coming season are Tuesdays and Sundays. With a monday practice space from 21:00 onwards at STUDIO Cielito and one off workshops for starting to dance and those with more experience. 

Click here for our new program of classes starting in the next couple of weeks at STUDIO Cielito in Utrecht

Chic Loca - Blog 

The new blog Chic Loca, setup by Isolde. With lots of great information and articles over dance, Argentine tango, health and fitness, style tips, fashion, travel adventures and creative writing. Set up as a less formal place for you to meet the real Isolde, comment on posts and have a wide range of topics at your fingertips. Did you know Isolde trained with fashion design  combined with modeling and own experience as a            dancer, she gives new ideas for bringing life to your style.  Started in December 2015, within less than a month we have had almost 10,000 unique visitors and counting. Got a suggestion for a topic or interview? then we would love to hear from you.  Want to read more about blog Chic Loca,  click here!

Your tango stories - your chance to be on this site!

We are collecting your argentine tango and dance stories to present them here on Cielito with a page specially dedicated to showing all the wonderfulness and development dance brings into our lives. You can submit anonymously your dance story or send a photo to put alongside, we respect your privacy but love you to share your experiences.

Possible subjects could be your beginners lesson, first salon experience, going into a close embrace for the first time, tango love, tango sadness, something comical to make us laugh our socks off. The choice is yours...

To submit you Argentine tango and other dance stories click here

Cielita Loca - New store


Welcome to our NEW store selling unique beautiful clothing. Each item has been hand selected and has a story to tell, need something special to spice up your wardrobe. Flattering designs that are elegant and sexy with a flair of only you can bring, bring out the loca. Brought to you here at Cielita Loca. 


You may see a theme with Januaries new projects, Isolde's love affair with fashion and design is being opened to the world. Talking to this fashionista about image, clothing fashion and being yourself while stylish and elegant was definitely an eye opener. Do you know what the term holistic style means? click here to find out more and check out the beautiful clothes while you are at it.